I followed my heart and this is what happened…

I have never been “great” at following my heart because I let the fear of what people would think of me get in the way. “What will they think of me?” “Will they be upset?” “What if they think I’m stupid or crazy for doing this?” And what I’ve realized is that any kind of judgement from someone has NOTHING to do with me and EVERYTHING to do with that person.

As most of you know, I have been going to therapy consistently for the past 5 months. It has been a transformation full of healing, failing, crying and forgiving. One thing that I have recently been working on is connecting with my sense of self. This is the truest part of who I am without the influence of other people. Without the influence of my other parts such as the perfectionist or my inner child that is hurt and afraid of judgement.

I have never had a solid idea of who I am as a person. I tried to find my worth in other people, food and alcohol. I was consistently beating myself up for my past. My anxiety and depression were almost unmanageable before I realized that I needed help. Being truly happy has never been on my radar until now. I had a major breakthrough where I realized that I couldn’t keep going through life beating myself up.

I realized that I am worthy of happiness, love and success too. I say “too” because I was full of self hate. It was so much easier for me to be kind to other people rather than give that kindness and love to myself. The things that I would say to myself are comments that I would NEVER say to someone I care about. I would tell them that they deserve happiness, love and success.

So this leads me to what happened when I followed my heart and completely let go of the idea of what people might think of me…

I became a freakin’ Beachbody coach!!!

I have a pretty lengthy past with Beachbody as I did my first workout program (Hip Hop Abs) with my mom at the age of 17 followed by Insanity. I was also a coach for 2+ years and it changed my life. I met some of the most amazing, beautiful people from all over the country/Canada, traveled, completed top notch workout programs, made an extra income…all while learning so much about myself.

I took a step back from coaching earlier this year so that I could heal from emotional pain and trauma that I was carrying around with me. I had to put myself first for once but knew that I would come back even stronger. I took a step back so that I could heal and be a better coach, mentor and friend.

And I’m so excited to announce that I AM BACK! I’m coming back into the coaching world with so much energy, courage, insight and love. This is so much more than “selling stuff” for me. This is about creating a community of women that feel safe in my accountability groups. This is about women finding their power and realizing their own worth.

I want to help women that might feel hopeless like I did. I want to help women realize that mental illness does NOT define them and that they are NEVER alone. I want to create a tribe of women that support and lift up one another. I want to help women create the life that they have always wanted (physically, mentally, financially, spiritually). I want to sweat, cry, fail, succeed and laugh with women that are looking for something more.

My healing journey is FAR from over and I promise to share the good, the bad and the ugly with you. I am not perfect but promise to show up for you every single day. I promise to be honest and vulnerable throughout this journey. I promise to spoil you with positive affirmations and to always be there for you. I promise to lead you towards the life that you want whether it be as a coach or challenger.

This is so much more than selling. This is about women supporting women. This is about stepping into our power together. This is about hard work that is so fulfilling. This is about living our healthiest lives both physically and mentally.

I am so excited to see where this journey takes me and who I meet along the way.

*A HUGE shoutout to my husband for listening to me share my heart with him. Thank you for always supporting me. You are my rock and I couldn’t have done any of this without you.


I have been meal prepping for 4+ years and I am not sure why I have NEVER made mason jar salads. My life just got that much better! A couple weeks ago, I decided to give mason jar salads a shot. Both my husband and I LOVE salads but we HATE making them the night before a work day [it’s a struggle, I knowww].

We have really mastered meal prepping and put in 2-3 hours a week preparing our meals and snacks for each week so making salads every night just didn’t feel right. We have become the kind of people that just grab our food and go in the morning. Meal prep has proven to save us both time AND money over the years.

I was anxious when I made my first batch of salads. I was worried that the lettuce would wilt, the ingredients wouldn’t stay fresh and we’d have to throw them out. I was WRONG. We have been making anywhere between 8-10 mason jar salads a week. We prepare them on Sunday night and everything in the jar is still fresh by Friday’s lunch time.

I have been receiving a crazy amount of positive feedback from my co-workers and Instagram friends that I decided to create my first blog post about my latest obsession: mason jar salads!

We use Ball mason jars. We had a bunch left over from our wedding and they were being stored in our basement so it was a win win. You can get these are Walmart, Target or Amazon!

The KEY to making your mason jar salads a success is to put any liquid at the very bottom. This weeks salads are taco salads so the first layer is salsa. You would also put any salad dressing as the very first layer! 2-4 tablespoons of dressing is enough depending on the size of your mason jar.

Next, you add the non-absorbent items like: tomatoes, carrots, snap peas, bell peppers, chick peas, black beans, ETC.

The third layer is your soft veggies and grains. We added cucumbers and I added black olives to mine. This is where you would add toppings like corn, sweet potatoes, edamame, quinoa, brown rice, and pasta.

The fourth layer is your meat (if you choose). This week we used ground turkey cooked in taco seasoning! You can add things like chicken and steak too.

The VERY LAST layer is the lettuce. This layer will help create a moisture barrier that keeps the other ingredients from getting soggy. It is important that you pack everything tightly–less air between layers will help keep ingredients fresh. You could also add cheese, nuts or dried fruit on top of the lettuce.

These are mind-blowing-EASY to make. It’s an easy way to get your veggies in and each jar can be altered to fit your goals! I measured my items using the 21 Day Fix containers.

The most famous question yet: Do you eat your salad right out of the jar?

Great question! But no. I bring a large Tupperware with me to work and dump the salad into it.

I plan on creating different mason jar salads every week but would LOVE to see what you come up with! Share your mason jar creations and be sure to tag me!

-The Maine Girl
Instagram: emmajanedionne